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Data privacy information
Deutsche Telekom AG attaches great importance to protecting your personal data. We always inform you what personal data we collect, how your data is used, and how you can influence the process.

  1. What data is recorded, how is it used, and how long is it stored?
    1. Technical characteristics: When you visit our websites, the web server temporarily records the domain name or your computer’s IP address, the file requested (file name and URL) by the client, the http response code, and the website from which you are visiting us. 
      The recorded data is used solely for data security purposes, particularly to protect against attempted attacks on our web server (Article 6 (1f) GDPR). We do not use it to create individual user profiles nor do we share this information with third parties. It is erased after seven days at the latest. We reserve the right to statistically analyze anonymized data records.

  2. Will my usage habits be evaluated, e.g. for advertising purposes or tracking?

    Explanations and definitions
    We want you to enjoy using our websites and take advantage of our products and services. We have an economic interest in ensuring this is the case. We analyze your usage habits on the basis of anonymized or pseudonymized data so you can find the products that interest you and so we can make our websites user-friendly. Deutsche Telekom or its contract data processors create usage profiles that comply with the legal requirements. This information cannot be traced back to you directly. The following information is intended to provide you with general information on the various purposes of processing data. The cookie message displayed when visiting our webpages gives you the opportunity to permit or reject the use of cookies. Cookies that are strictly necessary to provide the web service cannot be rejected (see explanation at 1. above).

    Tag management (strictly necessary)
    Tag management allows us to manage the use of tools on the different web pages of our web portal. A tag is set for each page to do this. The tag content determines which tools will be used for this page. Tag management is used to assure that the tools are in each individual case only used where appropriate.

    1. Required cookies
      These cookies are required to enable you to navigate through the web pages and use key functions. They support basic functions, such as order processing in the online shop and access to secured areas of the web page.

      Company Purpose Storage Period Country of processing
      Telekom/Acht S Login Session cookie or 12 months (staying logged in) Germany


    2. Analytical cookies
      These cookies help us to improve our understanding of user behavior. 
      analysis cookies allow for the compilation of usage and identification data by the original provider or third party providers into pseudonymous usage profiles. We use analysis cookies e.g. to determine the number of individual visitors to a web page or a service, to collect statistical data on the performance of our products and to analyze the visitors’ usage patterns and visitor interactions on the basis of anonymous and pseudonymous information. This information cannot be traced back to a person. The legal basis for these cookies is Article 6 (1) a GDPR respectively for third Countries Art. 49 (1) a GDPR.

      Company Purpose Storage Period Country of processing
      Matomo (formerly PIWIK) Customized design, marketing, personalization, newsletter Cookie (6 months) Germany


      On, we use the open-source software tool Matomo (formerly PIWIK) to analyze the surfing behavior of our users. The software places a cookie on the user's computer (see above for cookies). If individual pages of are accessed, the following data is stored:

      (1)    two bytes of the IP address of the user's accessing network
      (2)    the website accessed
      (3)    the website from which the user has reached the accessed website (referrer)
      (4)    the sub-pages accessed from the main website accessed
      (5)    the duration of stay on the website
      (6)    the frequency with which the website is accessed
      (7)    technical details of the browser such as version number or resolution

      The software runs exclusively on the servers of the levelUP! website. Storage of the user’s personal data only takes place there. The data is not passed on to third parties.

      The software is set so that the IP addresses are not completely stored, but 2 bytes of the IP address are masked (e.g.: This way it is no longer possible to assign the shortened IP address to the respective computer.

      The legal basis for processing users' personal data is Art. 6 (1a) of GDPR.

      The processing of users' personal data enables us to analyze the surfing behavior of our users. We are able to compile information about the use of the individual components of by evaluating the data obtained. This helps us to continuously improve our website and its user-friendliness. By anonymizing the IP address, users' interest in protecting their personal data is sufficiently taken into account.

      The data will be deleted as soon as it is no longer needed for our recording purposes. This is the case after 6 months.

      Cookies are stored on the user's computer and transmitted to Therefore, you as a user also have full control over the use of cookies. You can deactivate or restrict the transmission of cookies by changing the settings in your Internet browser. Previously stored cookies can be deleted at any time. This can be also done automatically. If cookies are deactivated for  you might not be able to fully use all of the website’s functions.

      More information about the privacy settings of the Matomo software can be found via the following link:

      Cookie Settings: You can revisit your cookie settings at any time to manage your preferences.

    3. Services by other companies (independent third party providers)
      Some of our web pages feature services of third party providers, who bear the sole responsibility for their services. When you visit one of our web pages, cookies or similar technologies may collect data and send it to third parties. Some of the data may be transmitted for Deutsche Telekom’s own purposes. The legal basis for these cookies is Article 6 (1) a GDPR respectively for third Countries Art. 49 (1) a GDPR. The scope, purpose and legal basis on which further processing is carried out for the third party’s own purposes can be found in the third party’s data privacy information. Information about these independent third party providers can be found in the following. 

      Company Purpose Storage Period       Country of processing
      BitMovin Video Playback     Session cookie USA
      SlidePresenter Video Playback     Session cookie Germany
      YouTube Video Playback Session cookie USA
      Vimeo Video Playback Session cookie USA

      Video data

      The platform also uses external software to play videos and display map data ("maps"). Public and semi-public services such as SlidePresenter, YouTube and Vimeo as well as the integrated playback software ("player software") from Bitmovin are used for this purpose. Session cookies are set for optimal playouts and to optimize the system. These cookies are deleted at the end of the web session. The IP address of the participant is also recorded during login.

      You can find more information in the privacy statements of the companies:


      Cookie Settings: You can revisit your cookie settings at any time to manage your preferences
  3. Where can I find the information that is important to me?
    This data privacy information provides an overview of the items which apply to Deutsche Telekom processing your data in this web portal. 
    Further information, including information on data protection in general and in specific products, 
    is available at and 

  4. Who is responsible for data processing? Who should I contact if I have any queries regarding data privacy at Deutsche Telekom?
    Deutsche Telekom AG acts as the data controller. If you have any queries, please contact our Customer Services department or the Global Data Privacy Officer, Dr. Claus D. Ulmer, Friedrich-Ebert-Allee 140, 53113 Bonn, Germany,

  5. What rights do I have?
    You have the right

    1. to request information on the categories of personal data concerned, the purposes of the processing, any recipients of the data, and the envisaged storage period (Art. 15 GDPR);

    2. to request that incorrect or incomplete data be rectified or supplemented (Article 16 GDPR); 

    3. to withdraw consent at any time with effect for the future (Art. 7 (3) GDPR);

    4. to object to the processing of data on the grounds of legitimate interests, for reasons relating to your particular situation (Article 21 (1) GDPR);

    5. to request the erasure of data in certain cases under Art. 17 GDPR – especially if the data is no longer necessary in relation to the purposes for which it was collected or is unlawfully processed, or you withdraw your consent according to (c) above or object according to (d) above;

    6. to demand, under certain circumstances, the restriction of data where erasure is not possible or the erasure obligation is disputed (Art. 18 GDPR);

    7. to data portability, i.e., you can receive the data that you provided to us in a commonly used and machine-readable format such as CSV, and can, where necessary, transfer the data to others (Art. 20 GDPR);

    8. to file a complaint about the data processing with the responsible supervisory authority (for telecommunications contracts: the German Federal Commissioner for Data Protection and Freedom of Information (Bundesbeauftragter für den Datenschutz und die Informationsfreiheit); for any other matters: State Commissioner for Data Protection and Freedom of Information, North Rhine-Westphalia (Landesbeauftragter für den Datenschutz und die Informationsfreiheit Nordrhein-Westfalen)).

  6. Who does Deutsche Telekom pass my data on to?
    To processors, i.e., companies we engage to process data within the legally defined scope, Article 28 GDPR (service providers, agents). In this case, Deutsche Telekom also remains responsible for protecting your data. We engage companies particularly in the following areas: IT, sales, marketing, finance, consulting, customer services, HR, logistics, and printing.
    To cooperation partners who, on their own responsibility, provide services for you or in conjunction with your Deutsche Telekom contract. This is the case if you order services of these partners from us, if you consent to the involvement of the partner, or if we involve the partner on the basis of legal permission.
    Owing to legal obligations: In certain cases, we are legally obliged to transfer certain data to a state authority that requests it. 

  7. Where is my data processed?
    Your data will be processed in Germany and other European countries. If, in exceptional cases, your data is processed in countries outside the European Union (in so-called third countries), this will take place

    1. if you have expressly consented to this (Article 49 (1) a GDPR). (In most countries outside the EU, the level of data protection does not meet EU standards. This concerns in particular comprehensive monitoring and control rights of state authorities, e. g. in the USA, which disproportionately interfere with the data protection of European citizens,

    2. or to the extent necessary for our service provision to you (Article 49 (1) b GDPR),

    3. or to the extent required by law (Article 49 (1) c GDPR).

Furthermore, your data will only be processed in third countries if certain measures ensure a suitable level of data protection (e.g., EU Commission's adequacy decision or suitable guarantees, Art. 44 et seq. GDPR).

This privacy information was last updated November 2021